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Re: So you're saying if he had had a D300 it wouldn't have happened?

Alan Brown wrote:

TAM63 wrote:

I am not a beginner to photography - did a fair bit in the old film days. I was a beginner to DSLR. I don't regret the D7000, it's just what I wanted (if I can get everything working right). But I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner, unless they were committed to getting into more serious photography, and spending a significant amount of time working at it.

sorry, my comments about experience.. or not... was not aimed at you personally but in the context of beginners (to photography) that Nikon aim this camera at... (often their first DSLr)

For exmple; a thread that was frequently started (6 months or more ago?) was that the D7000 generally overexposed. Many people got upset when they were advised to use exposure compensation or another metering method.. something that is part of learning to use the tool to it's best capability

please let us know how you get on with it... we are still here to help

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There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness.' :'!':

Oh please don't worry, I didn't feel that was directed at me whatsoever.  I was/am a beginner to DSLR anyway.

I was just observing, that given my experience, a beginner buying a D7000 had better be prepared to read a lot - and take a lot of bad pictures along the way.  If I hadn't been experienced at all at photography, I think I might have gone even more nuts trying to figure things out.  At least I understood the basics.

But it's still a great camrea.

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