FZ200 with teleconverters - tests and comparison

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Re: Update: Olympus B-300, TCON-17 & Panasonic DMW-LT55 [@ FZ200]

privateman wrote:

mistral2 wrote:

Privateman - Many thanks for your work done. Much appreciated!

I wonder whether you could recommend which converter FZ200 owners should buy - those which can currently be purchased commercially. I have not been impressed with the DMW-LT55 - the Nikon is far superior but unfortunately is difficult to locate.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'those which can currently be purchased commercially', do you mean still in production by the manufacturer? Then from my 'personal list of recommendable tele converters' a week ago there's only the Canon TC-DC58A, apart from LT55, being available as new quite often.

The Canon is a little better to me on the FZ200 than the LT55, has a bit greater DOF (because 1.5x instead of 1.7x?).

There are several other Canon DC58... with different letters ... out there at the moment, but I do not know if they are better than the DC58A.

the canon dc58B is equally as good as the "A" and can be picked up for $50au. it is also much smaller and lighter and can be screwed to the lens no problem.

cheers don

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another year has gone, just cleared my 200 gallery images will start all over again, thanks to everyone that took the time to look.

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