I have 2 D800s and unfortunately they only work in studio....

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Sorry to read that the D800 is not working for you

Some of the first D4 sold seem to have suffered from the same AF miscalibration issues than the D800. But we don't read this kind of negative feedback from those who've bought a D800 or D4 recently. In my view these manufacturing problems are behind us.

Like others I'm a bit puzzled about what may be going wrong with your D800. I've no doubt you know what you're doing considering your pictures. But my D800e AF works accurately and in my experience better than the D300 I had. Maybe the best line of action for you is to get Nikon to recalibrate the AF on your camera (if required send the camera again).

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Absolutely agree Thierry- my D800E is the best camera body I ever used and has given me no issues at all not attributed to user error.

D800E/16-35VR/24-70/70-200VRII/50f1.8G/105Macro/Bigma OS/SB910

Thierry I wrote in my thread about the difference between the D4 and D800 and the older bodies

D3s D3 D3X D700 D 300 s.......

The people see a big diofference and what else would they see with a scene recognition system

90 times as fine !!!!!

Yes it does bias the focus differently with different Whitebalance and in tungsten... its suppost to work that way !

All the users need to relearn how too use the cameras.... but in the end they are 90 X better...

you just have to know how it works and reacts.....



If you can draw yourself away from being a huge Nikon fanboy for 5 minutes, perhaps you can explain why so many like myself are using the camera correctly, single point AF-S (no area or auto modes) but are still noticing focus is much poorer than the D3s on low contrast subjects?

Since I use and own a lot of cameras of different brands I cant in the end be a Nikon fanboy..

BUT.... I said it over and over again you cant use the D4 and D800 just like you used the D3 and

the D3S and the D700 because they are built totally different....

Thats a generation difference in autofocus system with real facial recognition also in the

91 K sensor NOT JUST in the image sensor for contrast af !!!!

It also uses color information to see at what point it should focus also in 9 .. 21 and 51 mode...

What I say is that if you knew how to use the D3 you have to relearn how to autofocus on these

cameras...... Its much nearer to the hybrid V1 and V2 focus systems then it is to anything

in the past.....!!!

Yes it has its quirks but its much more reliable then The old system....you just have to try and learn it...... just like you started to learn the previous generation.......

Start by posting some pictures and the screenshots of where the focus on the subject was.....

then we can analyse what the system did and how you can improve the performance

saying something is no good and not trying to get it to work is worthless !!!


You are talking nonsense. If I am shooting a static subject and have it set to AF-s, single point, centre selected, and use the d3s I get focus of the subject under the point. With the D800 I do not. There is nothing to learn here Peter,. You're own sample had front focus in it. Then the next one was on the eyes. Seems like you have some inconsistency but just aren't looking close enough to detected it. It's much worse at distance and low contrast, wide open.

The D800 has a focus system for a 12MP camera...more or less something isn't working right, many have noted it on the internet and many of them respected pros.

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