My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Re: Mine a disappointment

Hi Pete,

The colours on my Evf are exactly as you described yours, I also have a GH2 and the Evf colour is fine on it but my Gh3 reds are wrong purple / violet is displayed as pale blue and some types of green foliage  is more a dirty yellow,.

Adjusting the tint controls does not improve things much, I bought mine from Mathers in Lancashire and returned it once as they were  happy to exchange it but when they received it and checked it against another from stock the new one was the same so I just assumed they all have poor Evf colour.

I am not so sure now as some users are happy with the colour and  some are reporting the same issue as me, I will wait for more user comments on this before deciding whether to return itagain or not.



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