Can Sigma 35/1.4 also trouble the waters for Nikon 24/1.4?

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Re: Can Sigma 35/1.4 also trouble the waters for Nikon 24/1.4?

SanMat wrote:

Personally I think it may be too difficult to compare those lenses directly, since the angle of view is so much different. From all reports I've seen that Nikon 24mm is a tremendous lens - is the new Sigma 35mm the only lens you would look at for replacing it?


Emil Varadi wrote:

I'm planning to go FF later this year and I was sitting on the fence regarding the Nikon 24/1.4. Exposure Plot says last year 30,8% of all my shots were at 24 mm probably due to the wide end my 16-85VR DX zoom which is flat 24mm on DX, a reason good enough to get this lens once you have the funds.

. But the steep price of the 24/1.4 and the widespread success and the moderate price of the new Sigma 35/1.4 really makes me ponder. Yes, I know the 10 mm difference between the 24 and 35 can be meaningful, but the closeness of these focal lenths had already caused similar dilemmas to many wideangle prime buyers. For the time being I want high quality primes for my future FF camera and it does not have to be 24.

The 24/1.4 is the bokeh king of wideangles and I'm great fan of good bokeh (think 85/1.4). What bothers me are the contradictory statements about bokeh of the Sigma 35/1.4. Opinions vary in the range from great to downright awful in some situations as it seems to be very background sensitive. Yes, its bitingly sharp and very good in the corners, but I have sold lenses because of ugly bokeh.

I agree.  For all intents and purposes a good copy of the Sigma 35mm is a fantastic lens.  However, the disparity between FLs means that they are clearly not substitutes.  If 24 is where you shoot, you won't be happy with a 35mm regardless of how good it is.  It's like shopping for a tennis racket but opting to get a hockey stick because the hockey stick is by far the best such stick ever produced.

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