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Ya'll gotta learn Texan ...

Trevor Kloeden wrote:

I must admit I have a chuckle when I read threads about new cameras and how people have already told me how they will or won't operate when the camera isn't even released yet.

There is nothing wrong with "discussing" the features of a new camera but where people make definitive statements that the focus won't work, the lens is soft, the white balance is off, bla, bla, and doing so without a single camera being released, it is amusing.

I'll wait and see how the X100s performs in the hands of actual users (You alllll) to formulate how I perceive it.

I am a long term X100 user and love the camera. It isn't for everybody but it works for me.

The X100s (in my eyes) is the camera I have been waiting for (on paper).

So once you all start testing it for me we shall see if it is added to my stable (The X100 stays no matter what right next to my first Kodak Box Brownie...).

Happy testing you allllll and I look forward to your reviews.

Trevor Kloeden
Aussie retired in the Philippines

I know, you be an Aussie and living in the Phillippines to boot, but if you are gonna speak Texan, do it right. It is Ya'll or Y'all in some parts, but not you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll - Ya'll like in "Ya'll come back ya hear!"

Hey I lived there for 4 years and it rubbed off... what can I say. BTW: the english spoken in east Texas is different than what is spoken in West Tejas... isn't english a wonderful language!

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