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Re: So you're saying if he had had a D300 it wouldn't have happened?

Alan Brown wrote:

TAM63 wrote:

Crabby though I am at the moment, I don't think the D7000 is a bad camera. I love mine. Yep, there's a learning curve. It could be quite frustrating for a beginner. I didn't mind, but I did spend a lot of time reading and experimenting. I think my problem is probably more of a bad lens than a bad camera, even though a bit of fine tuning may be required.

btw - I am a she, although no way you could have known that of course

I would feel crabby too!

I understand. You have tried at least.. just a little more input may make a difference.

These new cameras, from whatever brand, are advertised in such a way to give the impression you can just press the button. Things have progressed and some give better 'general' results than others but none of them really know about over or underexposure. That's the photographers job/skill to determine herself.

Even seasoned photographers need some help..

David Lal mentioned earlier in this thread that some experienced users have still had some problems. I agree ; myself included.

I had the 16-85mm AFS zoom from the start with the D7000. After setting it up, I set -5 fine tuning. Later Nikon presented a firmware update essentially for SD card compatibility. Some time after that update, i noticed infinity scenes when at 16mm setting they would be quite soft but sharper on my D60. I notified Nikon Service of the situation and sent a few photos in. They replied and asked me to do the same photographs if possible but with AF tuning turned OFF.

I did and these same shots were demonstrably sharper! now all tuning is zero for that lens. I have heard others say that focusing had improved since that firmware but I have no way of knowing really and Nikon never mentioned it or even hinted at any improvement. Perhaps it's more likely that an element in my lens is in a 'better' position though I don't know how.. never knowingly knocked it

I should have had the foresight to have tested it myself of course and feel a little foolish for not doing it. However it does illustrate the need to investigate, whoever you are. What you think maybe the case for a situation and the reality may not necessarily the same thing.

This a lot to expect a new purchaser/beginner to attempt to figure out, hence giving some the feelings of regret.

all the best with it anyway.

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There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness.' :'!':

I am not a beginner to photography - did a fair bit in the old film days.  I was a beginner to DSLR.  I don't regret the D7000, it's just what I wanted (if I can get everything working right).  But I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner, unless they were committed to getting into more serious photography, and spending a significant amount of time working at it.

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