Comparing Live view with TTL shots...

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Re: Focus issues gone with 1/200 ss.....

Craig49 wrote:

Thanks again!

At faster shutter speed,on tripod, vr off, 1/200, pic focus quality is virtually identical between phase and contrast detection for my 70-300 at 300, zero focus fine tuning.

Same lighting, higher ISO, same distance. So my setup seemed as if it was perfectly's just my inexperience with mirror slap vs shutter speed.

So how do 'you' shoot pics below 1/200 ss ? Live view only? I would guess this isn't so much of an issue with a smaller lens than the 70-300, such as the 12-24.


I always thought, handheld, that conventional wisdom said shutter speed should be at least 1/lens mm - i.e. for a 300mm lens, 1/300 of a second.  VR of course gives you a bit more leeway (I'm forgetting just how many stops from which kind of VR, sorry).

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