D600 kit from B&H. Did they send a returned camera?

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Re: D600 kit from B&H. Did they send a returned camera? Update

Never know what you'll get in the mail.  Might want to get one from some B&M shop, although when I worked at one the owner did push a lot of "used" off as new, and he also pushed the "crap" items too that the other salespeople wouldn't like "slightly broken stuff and let the customer send it off to get it fixed since it cost 'him' money to do so."  Reminded me of some car lot at times where the owner pushed the lemons off the lot.

I got mine out of a small B&M in Roseville, CA rather than stand in line for the mail-order houses.  When the shipment came in, they had a flood of customers and all the cameras (D800, D800E, and D4) were on a large pallet behind the counter with everyone's name who pre-paid attached to their camera.  They even checked your DL to make sure the names matched so no one would try to claim yours.  It was a madhouse that day and no doubt they made a small fortune either.

I did have to enter the language and time/date stuff too.  Seems my cheap Kingston CF card threw up an immediate ERR code, so I did have to exchange that for a new one as Kingston was not on the recommended list then.  So far so good, other than the typical Nikon BF and odd BF with the flash assist light stuff.  Not too bad on the left/right AF either that I am aware of off the FoCal early version multi-point tests and my own hotel room left/right testing attempts.


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