FZ200 with teleconverters - tests and comparison

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Re: Update: Olympus B-300, TCON-17 & Panasonic DMW-LT55 [@ FZ200]

H Larsen wrote:

kryzt wrote:

Yes i saw your settings but i can't have a sharp image except if a put +2 in sharperning but i got too much noise with it and it worked wonderfull with my fz150... so maybe i thinking that is the autofocus can't do his job perfectly with the tc on the fz200... i have to try in manual focus to see that.

But what about the speed? i need to double the speed when i use the tc?

For example actualy weather is very cloudy and sky very gray i can't be over 1/100s without the tc so with tc i need to double the speed?

Try to use a tripod, and use selftimer when you shot the picture. Then you can be sure there is no shake.

Sorry for the dark cloudy weather - the same her, no sun for allmost 14 days.

Yes but i want to use the tc without a tripod or monopod

So today i took these two photos and again weather not very good almost raining sky.

First photo without tc but with EZ 5Mp mode , equivalent to 938mm, this is that iq i'm looking with a my nikon tc e15ed, sharp and fine details

EZ 5Mp 938mm

The second picture shot today the same place, same time almost same distance with the subject

And i see no shaprness, no details and no fine details, i jnow i shot with f2.8 but even with f4.0 or f5.6 this not match when i only use the fz200 alone.

TC E15ED + EZ 8Mp , equivalent to 1100mm

For me i never with FZ200 and TC e15ed had the same sharpness and fine details that i have without.

The difference in IQ is huge with and without TC E15ED.

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