Calling all D600/700 owners

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This forum has a purpose. One of them is to help others as much as we can. So Let me say : "My pleasure !"

From the internet I cannot see how much you cropped and reframed the scenes. But I expect you are capable enough to frame well. And in that sence you are right to question if 24 Mp is really neccesary with what you are doing.
There are two things of importance about the 24 Mp though. First, it lets you losen up the demands to frame properly. Some pictures you missed because of the tight frames with 12 Mp may now be retained simply because you used a a lower focal length or take the shot from a larger distance. This means lower iso or higher shutter speeds. Compared to the D700 you can crop at 1.4 without giving up pixels. 
Second, if you do frame tightly, you have an abundance of pixels to work with. And this helps with sharpening and NR, but also with color (personal experience, not something tthat has been mentioned earlier).

The improved DR is such that in some pictures I actually go up to 80% increase in the shadows without needing extra NR. And I can get away with that up to iso 800. Above that, some polishing is neccessary but nothing dramatic. Getting the highlights back is less improved if you meter neutrally. I would have liked a more gradual roll off of the curve in that highlight area. Using portrait mode basically only gives you more room in the shadows. You could use ADL, but this rules out raw PP outside CNX 2. From that point, I decided to go for a -1/3 stop as default, but I haven't been able to test the camera enough to know if that balances the options to gain details in the high lights enough. I will do more testing once the body is back. Btw, I always use standard mode. If I need to alter the colors, I will do so per color, or by altering the mode in the raw and per color in PP.

What I forgot to say is the AWb is much improved. Though I never really worry about WB given the lot you can do a lot in PP, D600 AWB is very often close to perfect in various light circumstances. With fluorescent light being the worst as I can remember.

There is something that tells me the AA filter of the D600 could be considerably weaker. In some occasions I find the detail a bit hidden. Very specific sharpening is needed with upping the micro contrast is needed, but with the dange of causing artefacts. That's why I bought the book from Fraser and Schewe (Image sharpening).
In the end, if no hardware faults are found with your D600 body, it is a very, very capable camera. Pretty allround, but if you learn to handle it well you can make it dedicated to portait, landscape, macro and even to sports (apart from the fps). To me, the lack of a pro Dx and this versatile user concept made me decide to go for the D600. So far...


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