The Trinity has Arrived - Question on Lens Shadow

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Re: Does "redonkulous" count?

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

What has me scratching my head, here, is why "DigitalCaveMan" loaded himself up with consumery (fine, "pro-sumery") Nikon junk when he could have had an Hasselblad H4D or a Leica S2? If size and cost aren't an issue, why get 36 megapixels on a tiny sensor when you could have 60 on a huge sensor? Why settle for the Nikkor trinity when you could be slinging Leica Summarit or true APO glass? I mean, even a Leica M would've at least given access to the better glass, if sticking with the 35mm format is a "must" for whatever reason. Weak sauce, if you ask me.

Maybe just because he wanted Nikon and trinity? It is reason good enough for me.

Had there been a regulation requiring customers to prove they have knowledge at certain level to use given type of equipment, I'd be banned from buying phones equipped with camera. Fortunately such a regulation does not exist, and I can support Nikon with my money (I hope Nikon will spend it on QC  )- even if I do not take full out of trinity and FF.

Upgrading equipment in line with gaining skills seems natural, but why criticize if one does not like it that way.

Live and let others live.

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