X-E1/X-1 Pro with on-chip phase detection AF

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Re: How about we just go take photos ?

seukel wrote:

For me and others that are waiting to make the switch, it is only logical to wait and see how well the X100s lives up to the initial hype and then look to when the 2nd gen chips will be offered in the X-Pro and X-E platforms. I really think that there are a large number of customers like myself that are on the fence waiting to make the move. If the X100s is as good as what Fujifilm is saying it is, then it will be to their, and my, best interests to update the other two bodies as quickly as possible.

I guess time will tell...

Well Conrad, you are probably a young man with tons of time ahead of you. If you are a little older like myself it's simply meaningless to just wait for things that might or might not be around the corner. I want to use the great FX lenses together with the high-quality trans-X-sensor now and not in a year or so. Besides that there is nothing wrong with the X-E1. The "focus issue" is totally exaggerated and has unfortunately turned into an urban myth, believed by many who don't use the camera at all.

I would like to think I have tons of time ahead of me, but at 69 pushing 70 hard I am afraid that is not the case ;-). My X100 and D2x have me covered for the short term and I am not losing anything by waiting a bit longer to see what transpires. As I said, I believe the current generation of X bodies are good and I am sure that I could adapt to any 'quirks' (I am really beginning to hate that word) that they may have if I needed to jump right away, but since I have some time I will wait a bit longer to see how it plays out.

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