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Re: Or do...

John Sheehy wrote:

Safesphere wrote:

Colors change when you pull an underexposed image. Your point is correct only in theory under ideal assumptions. In practice the sensor sensitivity depends on the color resulting in a different color balance in a pulled image. The more you pull, the more apparent the difference becomes. So it is a compromise. When you need an HDR of a moving subject and the color fidelity is nor a priority, the, your point is valid. But when you shoot landscapes, you are better off with bracketing at the proper exposure.

Chromatic noise certainly throws color off locally, but if you have an overall cast, it is really the converter's fault, as the math can be done to keep the mean color correct. Color casts in deep shadows come from the wrong black points, or clipping at black without correcting the non-linearity of means caused by the clipping.


How much is the usable DR of  your 6D?

Are you satisfy or no happy as with the 5D2?

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