Ranking portability levels: 1 to 5

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Re: Ranking portability levels: 1 to 5

The coming pancake for the x-e1 will match the x100(s)

umbalito wrote:

Here's how I see it:

Level 1:

Sony RX100, Ricoh GRDIV with no external VF

Level 2:

Fuji X100, XE1 with 18mm prime and no hood, Panasonic GX1, Oly EM5,or E-PL series with pancake prime (14mm or 20mm), Sony RX1 with no external VF, NEX with 16mm

Level 3:

Fuji XE1 with prime with hoods, Pentax Kr/Kx/K30 + DA Limited primes

Level 4:

XE1 with zoom, GX1/EM5/EPL series with zoom, NEX with zoom or 24mm

Level 5:

XPro1, Pentax K5 + DA Limited primes

I've tried all the interchangeable-lens ones on my list - and I think the sweet-spot is the X-E1. It's APS-C, it's light, and with the right prime (e.g. 18mm) it's pretty small PLUS it's got a fairly decent built-in EVF.

A close second for me would be an EM5 with the 14mm or 20mm.

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