Epson 3880 - which utilities to run when first setting up printer?

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Re: There's an internal optical sensor

I don't know about a 'special script' which would require a computer to tell it to do that anyway, so I'll just print something in the printers once a week else the Epson's I have will clog (dry heat here).  The Canon 'dye' 9000 MK II will usually get something in two weeks.  I'll just print some small 4x6 inch print of some test image off NothernLights or someplace to all the printers and be done.  If the colors are bad in the test print, then a nozzle check may be in order.  Bad part if it is required (like when I forgot the portable Epson Charm for two weeks), it sucks a lot of ink which is even more annoying.  I've had as many as 6-8 nozzle cleaning and nozzle checks to get the ink flowing again out of it and then got the "Out of Ink" warning for my efforts.

I suspect it is safe just to leave the thing (3880) on since it has the Green EcoSafe Label on it.  If I were to go away for a 4-7 days, then I would turn it off.  Turning it off and on sounds like it is doing some nozzle charging and maybe some waste of their 'overpriced' ink too.

I need to come up with a clear plastic cover for the printers at some point to - or a large garbage sack.  Not so much as fear of drying out, but darn dust.   Don't know if I'd be willing to store a saucer of water in them either.  Just do a weekly printout of something and be done with it.


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