Do you think the image of SD14(SD15/DP1/2) is cleaner than that of SD1m(DP1m/2m) ?

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Re: Do you think the image of SD14(SD15/DP1/2) is cleaner than that of SD1m(DP1m/2m) ?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

In my view, giving in to the Marketing Grail of ever-more MP's is a retrograde step, although I do recognize that some folks like to make large prints.

I knew I shouldn't have said that :-(. Sorry, Roland, I just can't let the apparent disagreement pass:

The danger of more MP is partly a myth IMHO.

Sure ... if you increase the number of pixels you add to the noise level. And when you hit a certain limit, the image starts to degrade fast.

I'm wondering what that "certain limit" is.. However, to clarify re: "increase the number of pixels" , the increase in photon noise is proportional to the pixel active area, not the number of pixels. Therefore, a 12MP 4/3" camera is much more noisy than a 12MP Nikon D3 or D700.

And sure ... at pixel level, you surely get a steady degradation. But ... at image level thats not important.

Not important for whom? For a landscape photographer shooting at f/16 the two cameras would be diffraction-limited, i.e. almost equally degraded, but what about a product image shot at, say, f/4?

In practice, increasing the number of pixels increase IQ. Until you hit that limit for fast degradation.

According to Clark, as we've discussed before, "that limit" is a pixel pitch of about 6um. The SD1 sensor, at 4.9um, is already beyond the limit according to Clark's criterion. Continuing in that direction, my 12MP 4/3" with it's 4.3um pitch is even worse. Clark balances theoretical noise (photon+electronic) against diffraction-limiting to establish an optimum pixel pitch.

A question for everyone in this thread:

If an subject is shot with a SD1 then a SD14/15 using the same lens, for example a super-sharp 70mm macro at say f/8; AND the subject is framed to the same pixel size (not re-sized in post): After cropping, which image would be "cleaner" per the OP?

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