GH3 - Max print size for 16MP photos with high quality results?

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Similar for Canon G10

Detail Man wrote:

A best-case estimate of maximum viewing size (not considering further limitations due to AA filtering, diffraction, noise-reduction, chroma-subsampling, quantization data compression, print/display media limitations, visual acuity) for highest possible spatial-frequency (finest detailed) subject matter:

S ~ ( 15 ) x ( D ) / ( P x C )


S is size of largest viewing dimension [in units of Inches];

D is viewing distance [in units of Inches];

P is individual photo-site size, also called pixel-pitch [in units of Microns];

C is image-sensor Crop Factor (from full-frame diagonal size).


For the GH3 (with a Crop Factor of 2.0 and a pixel-pitch of around 3.75 Microns) the formula is:

S ~ ( 2 ) x ( D )

(Largest dimension) of the maximum viewing size would be around twice the viewing distance.

And for the Canon G10 we have:

S ~ (15) x (D) / (P x C) = (15) x (D) / (1.7 x 4.6) = (1.9) x (D)

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