Can Sigma 35/1.4 also trouble the waters for Nikon 24/1.4?

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Re: Can Sigma 35/1.4 also trouble the waters for Nikon 24/1.4?

I would love to get the 24 1.4 but I am unwilling to pay what Nikon is asking though it appears to be an excellent lens. I am less enthused about the 35mm focal length but the price is right (or closer to right) and the Sigma seems to be a strong performer.  Some folks say the bokeh is a bit dodgy, but I worry about it less at that FL than with longer lengths. Once my wallet recovers from Xmas, I am likely going to grab the Sigma. 
You mention that you shoot many of your shots at 24mm FL equivalent and that's the widest you can currently go (assuming you don't have any UWA's). With that being the case I wonder if renting a UWA zoom would make sense once you go full frame, as you could potentially be served by something wider. Especially at the asking price of Nikon's 24 I would want to make sure that this was a FL which fit me well.

I would love for Sigma to release some of their Art range of lenses in wider FoV, but don't want to spend my time waiting on lenses which may or may not materialize.

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