I am considering switching to Olympus.

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My experience with E-5 and mFT

Just now, I have two photo shows running of images taken with the C5050Z, E-1, E-3, E-500, E-620 and E-5...and the PL-1(!).  Based on almost a decade of Olympus I would definitely recommend the E-5 as the (near) perfect pairing with the lenses you want use. I have used but do no own the 35-100, but never the 14-35,  but do have the 7-14 and 150f2 and it balances and works perfectly with such lenses, and also the HG lenses, of which I have a complete collection. Although it uses the same chassis as the E-3, it is in many small but important ways a better camera, as the unusual degree to which it has maintained its market value tends to indicate.

The other recommendation I have is to consider- depending very much on which lenses you buy - to consider buying a late-generation mFT camera and adapter alongside your E-5. It doesn'r do well with my 50-200 SWD lense in AF mode, and is just OK AFing my 12-60SWD but works quite well with the 7-14 and 150f2, the FE, and the 11-22 and several lenses like the 70-300 and 14-54 MkII and even my PanaLeica 25 f1.4 have firmware fixes for LV/mFT.  (The magnificent 50f2 is glacially slow, but takes irresistable images more or less as always.

But the auto-assisted MF works really well on the Olympus models, and, id you can manage it, then the OM5/D's 5 axis IS and quick and intuitive leveling work really well.

I have found the E-5 and 3 or 4 FT lenses and the OM-D with adapter, its video-optimized 12-50 and a couple of its jewel-like little lenses the perfect all-purpose shooting kit for almost any place and occasion.  The E-5 for the really rough stuff and the OM-D as a back-up, a night, available-light and video as a smaller, and lighter less obtrusive take-along.

But the E-5 remains the cornerstone, because, for most images, it is colour and tone and quality of  bouquet of images that really matter, and because mated with the lenses you are considering, really it delivers those, even in a blizzard or a rainforest.

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