D600 kit from B&H. Did they send a returned camera?

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Re: I believe your D600 has been "tried" by other B&H customer before you

Patco wrote:

NikonManSoCal wrote:

B&H would NOT send you a returned product sold as new.

Why would you think that? Henry Posner of B&H has said more than once this is OK to sell returned merchandise as new:

" Does B&H ever repack, or do they just toss it back into inventory?

We are very strict about returned merchandise. Each piece is individually inspected. That means that when the customer's parcel gets to us, it's unpacked by our staff, each piece inspected and then the whole thing repacked. If it's in as-new condition, according to our strict standards, it's returned to inventory. If not, depending on circumstances, it's marked "open box" and sold that way at a discount, or returned to the customer."


There have been a number of threads on this subject, like these:

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And a bunch more:


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Wow well I read through literally all these post above - looks like I stand corrected. My apologies. B&H has always 'told me' that they do not re-sell old returned stock as new and either return it to the manufacturer of sell it as open box - I had no prior reason to not believe that.

I am now re-evaluating my opinion of B&H based on this information.

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