Lumix GX1 and they call this live view?

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Re: Lumix GX1 and they call this live view?

gamarala wrote:

If I have a NEX-6, I would not touch GX1. Why would you want to consider a camera with a smaller and inferior sensor (unless you prefer 4/3's wide selection of lenses)?

far wider and far better selection of lenses there are very few lenses in the Nex system that are attractive. And while I agree that the best (Sony ) APS sensor is still better than the best mFT options (GH3 E-M5) the gap is now well under one stop . Which is easily compensated for with the better selection of fast lenses. Or for Olympus shooters and those who like it they have the option of in camera IS for every single lens that can be mounted on an Olympus mFT body which is of course a vast selection. I very much like some of the Nex bodies and their feature set , but at this time I wouldn't consider the Nex system due to the lens selection, which will be either average slow and of a reasonable size or larger and better performing alas the options for small and high performing are pretty narrow, making mFT the best mirror less option for myself and I suspect many others


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