A few with the 30mm f/2 and NX20

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A few with the 30mm f/2 and NX20

I have neglected my 30mm f/2 lens for a while, too many other toys to play with and my Fuji XP1 with 35mm f/1.4 tends to get all the attention at that focal length, but man, is the XP1 slow focusing in comparison.  It really is amazing how frustrating the XP1 can be in these situations, I tolerated it before, but going back and forth between the XP1 and NX20 and it is painfully obvious.  The NX20 focuses at least twice as fast and it is almost always in focus, where the XP1 is out of focus almost as often as it is in focus at f/1.4 anyway.

An AF trick you can do with mirrorless cameras is press and hold the shutter in single focus and it will take the shot as soon as focus is locked, which with the NX20 is about 20ms after focus lock with the electronic first shutter curtain, this means there is almost no subject movement in that time and almost guarantees the first shot is in focus.  The XP1 will be totally blurry half the time in those situations, and slightly out of focus in others.  It makes it really hard to get shots like these.  The last shot is from the XP1 at 35mm f/1.4.  All shots processed from RAW in Adobe Lightroom 4.3.  I did sharpen faces, punch, and probably vignette 1 or 2 presets and maybe a few minor tweaks after that.  Noise reduction on NX20 was probably at 15 or so since it is at higher ISO.

Scene is lit with a large 800 watt photo flood lamp pointing up at the ceiling.



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