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The NEX menu system is, frankly, horrible.  The usual explanation is that Sony were aiming the cameras at the P&S crowd, not keen photographers and they were caught by surprise by the popularity of the camera amongst photographers. The useful firmware updates have helped a bit but it still a long way from photographer friendly.

In general, the whole user interface experience is not nice - those unmarked buttons that change function all the time, the messy and tiny on screen legends.  In fact, I would say that for me the cameras would be unusable for general photography. It is OK on a tripod as a landscape camera.

The Sigma menus are plain and functional and that is fine.

I played with a Canon G1x a couple of days ago in Jessops a few minutes before they went bankrupt.  I thought it was really nice in some ways and Sigma might think about stealing some ideas.  It has a viewfinder - a not very good one, but it has one!  It has exposure compensation on a nice clicky engraved dial like the fujis and all old film cameras used to. Perfect, you can see the settings without having to look at a screen. The front dial was also nicely done. It has an articulated LCD.

Sigma could implement their photographer-centric ideas a lot further rather than just playing at them.  Give the lens a real mechanical focusing ring and a real mechanical aperture ring.  Add a real exp comp dial like the G1x/Fuji. Provide a real optical viewfinder that includes a readout of aperture and shutter speed, Even my ancient Ricoh film rangefinder from the 1970s manages that. Oh, and make the battery 3x the capacity!

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