Depth of Field Difference (m43 v DX) - An Example

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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m43 DoF control is very respectable

It's clear that any system larger than m43 will always be, more or less, flexing its muscles in terms of shallow DoF, but I think this isue is often very exaggerated.

Truth is m43 is on the large side of DoF control. I can see large (m43), larger (APS-C), very large (FF), and huge (medium format) DoF control. For practical purposes, m43 may be the sweet spot for a very respectable capability of getting reasonably shallow DoF with a modest gear size/weight. With each higher step in DoF control our system will get fatter in size and weight. We must decide when to stop. I know I'll never carry around a FF with its very big lenses even if I were rich.

Very often I see pictures that could be shot in a studio against a plain backdrop because the background is way too obliterated, then the insanely shallow DoF seems to be the main purpose of the picture. What's the point on that?

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