Not-so-lossless conversion from .NEF to .TIFF in Capture NX2

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Re: Not-so-lossless conversion from .NEF to .TIFF in Capture NX2

I'm sort of surprised, and sort of not. My main processing is in ps, but where I do use lightroom I pre-process highlights before any handover. i can't really see any point in not doing, otherwise why use lightroom seeing as I'd recover highlights in ACR first if processing in PS? If you're using it because its your only prog that supports your camera I'd still preprocess the bits LR does well.

I saw an impressive demo DVD by a wedding photographer (Damien Lovegrove) where he pre-processes all images to some extent in LR before exporting all by the problem files in jpg format. The prob files export at tiffs. He dug out an impressive amount of detail from a totally blown image of a cake which I'd have though was beyond rescue - but he exposed it quire precisely on location in order to preserve shadow detail. One of those 'stops and makes you think' processes.

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