Forge ahead with the N7 or make the move to the N6?

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Re: Forge ahead with the N7 or make the move to the N6?

I don't fall in love with my camera's or lens. It didn't bother me in the least to sell my Nikon D300 and lens to downsize to the Nex-7 system. I see a camera as a tool, nothing more. If Sony or another company produces a camera that I feel meets my needs better I will change in a heartbeat. I looked closely at the Nex-6, and other than Wifi, I don't see any features that would make me want to trade in the Nex-7 for the Nex-6. And I don't say this as a fan-boy of the Nex-7, I would dump the Nex-7 if I thought the Nex-6 was better. When one learns the Nex-7, they learn how awesome it is. It's a very personal issue so I won't argue the point. If one wants to argue the price point, that could be a different story, cost wise the Nex-6 may be a much better buy for some. I will wait for Sony to come out with a new Nex-7 model and trade up to it. If I was buying today, my choice would be the Nex-7.


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