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Re: X20

As an addendum;

The above figures dont factor in the new x20 "EXR Processor II" which Fujifilm claims to increase the resolution benefit by a factor of around x2 and a iso benefit or around x2.5 as the iso climbs - using the Fuji graphs shown below:

Above we see the EXR Processor II carrying 50% of the improvement, meaning that from the spreadsheet above the x20 is likely to be at least on level terms with a 4/3 sensor and pulling well away from the 1" processors.

In terms of iso performance Fuji expects the EXR Processor II to carry the loins share of achieving the promised improvement, again which when added to the first post expectation of low light performance will see the x20 well ahead of both 1" an 4/3" sensors, even if these other cameras were equipped with a similar f2.0-2.8 lens as that supplied with the x20.

It all looks pretty impressive to me for the price.

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