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Their own

The competition is internal: collectively, about 500 million in research invested in the Bayer approach.

Although everyone continues to beetch about the Sigma bodies, there is a surprising number of people in this thread alone - as well as elsewhere in the forum in general - who happen to find them good to very good. The usual response is that they do not have enough experience with any of the other great stuff. But that is not quite true, as responders consistently make clear.

I, for one, do not like the idiotic menu approach taken by most of the manufacturers. I prefer something like an M7. For this reason, I far prefer my DPxMs to my NEX. The latter only gets used for video. Have you ever tried to quickly change something in one of those on the fly? Rots of ruck.

As for the reasons why Foveon was not more broadly accepted, you need look no further than internal errors made back then, a broad front with deceptive tactics to undercut them erected by the rest of the industry (in particular, one or two major players), and continued pressure from commercial interests (look no further than what goes on on this site, which once tried to be out front).

Sigma's approach is different: straightforward minimalism, if you will. The DP cameras are really minimalist devices and have been from the start. The focus is on the image. Punkt.

DMillier wrote:

If Canon or Nikon owned foveon what competition would they be eliminating by locking it up? Do Nikon refuse to use the 36MP sensor on the grounds of eliminating the competition? This is silly.

If they had exclusive use, there is no competition. If they found the technology superior and could persuade the punters to agree would they simply not release a high priced premium model with the sensor and say it's the best, if you want it, pay for it?

There must be a reason only Sigma were interested in Foveon. Most likely they know perfectly well that there are lots of problems with the tech and in their view the problems it solves are more than outweighed by the problems it creates. Certainly Sigma have been at this game since 2002(?) and have made practically no impact on the market so far. Either that is down to Sigma's poor efforts or the market has actually only got a niche interest in what Foveon can do.

It's still experimental tech in my book although I would expect it to have more of a chance if it were housed in a line of decent cameras.

Surely by now Sigma must have figured out that no one buys their cameras because they aren't very good. We won't have a chance to know what the market thinks of Foveon until the question is separate from what the market thinks of Sigma's ham-fisted camera building attempts.

Sigma, if you can't do any better, get Cosina to build the bodies!

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