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"usefulness" and "features"? I've never been a big fan of "features" in that squirrely difficult menus are a pain.... ie the infamous "high tone priority" on the Canon is buried deep in an almost impossible to find menu... BTW I don't think it really helps  improve the dynamic range much.

The SD and DP cameras are easy and intuitive to set up and use. LCD on the DP2M is prettier (okay truer) and colorful than previous DP models but still probably not up to other brands. But who studies photos in the glaring sun? I don't ... just check the numbers (aperture, speed for example to make sure I don't have a stupid setting.. I've forgotten to change ISOs from indoors to outdoors in Carmel last yr for example... ISO800 isn't nice outdoors when not needed. ISO here in Death Valley is easy; keeping it on ISO200 on Sigma cameras.

I use auto focus pretty much exclusively, but I've never liked the continuous type focus.  Drives me nuts when I get into it by accident on the Canon.

My "best" camera for landscape? DP2Merrill

Again, Rick and Kendall brought along some wonderful prints from various Merrill cameras. Somethig like 30"x48" I think they are. Some cropped here and there too. Exhibit quality photos/prints.

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current, Death Valley)

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