Wow, avoid Dell like the plague!! There Tech support system is so broke.

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Re: A few more points where you are wrong about how it works....

Not to argue at all Jim as we see this differently and that is fine but I think the accurate info needs to be out there so that others can properly decide.

You keep referencing using online sources from Dell's site to do things like order the Windows 8 disk etc. Well guess what, it does not work if you aren't contacting them from that machine. You can manually input your service tag all day long and it does not work. So for many things I could not go directly to the site and take care of it myself. So, what do you do? Call tech support or keep trying the different 3rd party stuff offered by you and other here. Well after all the bad info given it came time to admit MY MISTAKES and quit listening to you and others.

And may I ask why you would never call them as you have stated. Is it because you too recognize their limitations, poor performance, etc? To tell users not to use the tech support provided for a product is pretty silly isn't it? Shouldn't one be able to rely on the support provided by a manufacturer for thier product? If not then do provide the support is what I say.

Now as to not calling them with a problem I caused. Well guess what, I did. I called them I told them what I did, and they OFFERED the assistance. So they took on the problem which in my book now makes them responsible. If they had said too bad I would have understood and moved on. But they offered a solution. I did not ask for the disks to be delivered by the 26th, they said they would be. Heck I waited a full week beyond that before I bugged them for a status that they could then not provide. And then every subsequent contact with them was disinformation plain and simple. And that is what my beef is and why I am warning others. It's really plain and simple at least to me.

If they want payment for the Windows 8 disks fine, if they want them returned fine, but you've got to tell me that not expect me to just know it.

I have the packing slip right here this is what it says at the bottom:

"the part you have just received does NOT require a return of your defective part. You have NOT received a preprinted couries airbill, or a preprinted courier adhesive" Now, there is more but the one end did not print out. Oh and I did not add those upper case words that's they way Dell printed it. So, if you get that with the disks and then start getting emails wanting a part back I think you too would be like, "WTF"? Since the emails have toll free numbers to call them in reference to the emails of course I called them. How is that wrong? What is wrong is that I could not get an answere. Dell provided the number and said to call reference the email. So it really comes down to DELLS support structure is broke. Argue all you want, the facts speak for themselves.

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