Advice on second camera

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Re: Advice on second camera

ghiatti wrote:

I have sold my Nikon D7000 kit and bought a Panasonic FZ200 mainly for its zoom range. Now I am planning to buy a second "compact" camera mainly for "quality" photos and indoor parties, museums or travel photos. Budget is around $600-700. I have considered the RX100 and LX7 but would prefer a m4/3 camera with a bigger sensor. EVF is not a must but would be nice. I shoot both JPEG and RAW. I do not print photos but just watch them on the PC or TV. What would you recommend?

Any m43 camera with a zoom lens beating RX100 will not be compact, and will not fit in your price range. RX100 collects more light (and will give better image quality) than, say, Pana GF5 with Pana 14-42 f/3.5-f/5.6 powerzoom, which is the only truly compact zoom for m43. If you are OK with only one focal length though, Pana 20/1.7 on any new m43 will beat RX100 in low light. But you have to love 40mm equivalent, and it with a body will hardly fit into your budget. Maybe used.

Obvious advice - buy RX100. Or for a viewfinder, wait for X20, it is going to be not that far off, especially at longer focal lengths than 28mm.

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