Lumix GX1 and they call this live view?

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Re: Lumix GX1 and they call this live view ?

Chez Wimpy wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Why it would ever be better to have a preview screen that insists (without any other options available) upon lying to the user about recorded JPG image-brightness (in addition to lying to the user regarding JPG color-rendering) seems like a rather laughable proposition to me.

I never understood it personally. It is stupid, and inexcusible. I have lost many shots on my G1/GF1 over the years from this handicap. To make it more insulting, I had already grown used to liveview on my Canon DSLRS (which were all WYSIWYG style) where it is even possible to place DOF precisely by zooming in to the pixel level with the aperture stopped down. Yet moving to m43, a live-view-or-nothing system, all the common sense "features" went missing. The GH2 and OMD have largely rectified the exposure preview, and I am back to shooting manual 99% of the time... but neither has the preview exposure range of even a Canon Rebel (which goes from black to white) on the LCD. No rattlesnake either! All that means is I get 100% perfect exposures shooting landscapes from a tripod with my Canon (or even handheld shots with a quick drop into LV mode to check exposure on the LCD), and somewhat less than 100% with my m43 gear.

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I put the exposure thing down to Panasonic's "SLR complex", where they sometimes try too hard to replicate the (D)SLR experience rather than designing from scratch for what makes sense with a mirror-less system. In a DSLR the image in the viewfinder is not affected by you shutter, aperture, and ISO settings... I can live with it without problem though, don't think it hardly ever makes me miss shots, and there are some advantages to being able to keep things in view and framed while you're adjusting settings. On the other hand, the inability to zoom in with the aperture stopped down is inexcusable and immensely irritating.

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