Calling all D600/700 owners

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Re: Calling all D600/700 owners

Sutto wrote:

I know this was touched on elsewhere in the beginning of things, so I hope this is not a re-hash - forgive me if it is? However, now that the dust has settled, and all the hysteria is starting to die down, I have a question for those who have/had both of these cameras, now you have had a bit of time to use them both. Notwithstanding all of the issues with dust on sensors etc, (that is a separate issue and scares the living daylights out of me), how much better really are the images from the 6, compared to the 7?

I have read lots of stuff of late - guys who are not keeping their 700s at this time and are swapping over to the 600. Then I read other threads where guys say when it is all boiled down (image differences, handling difference, lack of hassles with a proven camera), that they are sticking with the D700.

As a semi-pro (I travel and shoot 6 months of the year, and have a real job the other 6), I really want some informed opinions from guys who are in the know. Please don't hijack the thread and get off on a tangent slinging mud at each other, I hate that. I am not interested in starting a war here, there are enough of those in the world already. I just want to know from keen amateurs or working pro's, those who have both, an opinion on the daily workings of using the new 600 as opposed to the older, but proven 700. Also, I would like to know the real differences that you see on Lightroom, with images form the two cameras when compared. This is probably the most important thing and to me the only reason for a change,

You may wonder why I sound so anal over this, but in Australia we have no return policy. We can only dream about the policy that you guys have in the States. I have been down this road before, when you buy something here and walk out that door, you are stuck with it. If there are ANY hassles, then it is totally up to the discretion of the camera store. It can turn into a nightmare.

I need to know that there are real advantages of changing my beloved D700 for the D600, if I have to take the risk of buying into a new camera that has so much bad press.



I love my D700

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