GoPro Hero - For Extreme Sports Only?

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Re: Follow your doctor's advice

John Koch wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

I had a heart attack several months ago.

Hopefully, you incurred no coronary blockage.

I got back into running and have ran several 5k races and about to run a half marathon.

Often registrants are required to sign a medical attestation or waiver that releases the sponsors from liability.

That is definitely not extreme.

5k or half-marathon is quite a lot for folks without a cardiac condition. Consult your physician and follow medical advice.

!00% blockage damn near killed me. Stent put in.

I sign releases for every race. I ran the first one 2 months after the heart attack. I do not recommend it for anyone else without advice from a doctor.

My doctor is onboard with the running and the half marathon.

I meant not extreme compared to jumping out of an airplane or snowboarding down a mountain with a camera strapped to a helmet or lots of action.

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