Anyone still using older manual Nikkors and about consistency ...

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Re: Anyone still using older manual Nikkors and about consistency ...

Raymond Cho wrote:

Knowing that some of the higher end bodies allows one to meter manual focus Nikkor lenses and there are a few gems out there, does anyone still have and use them on a regular basis? Also, different lenses may have different filter threads do you guys find it an issue or is popping on a step up ring just part of the process for you?


The only non-Ai, pre-Ai, K, lenses I use are the 100/2 Cosina Macro and the 85/2,8 PC micro. Those are strictly for studio photography. Everything else is done with Ai/S and pre-ai lenses. Check my gallery to see what each are capable of. I try to label the lens, but the EXIF is usually messed up.

My favourites:

50/2 Ai
105/2,5 AiS
280/2,8 AiS
28/2,8 AiS

Each of these are incredibly sharp, suffering only a little spherical aberration wide open. The 50/2 is possibly Nikon's sharpest 50, though the new 1,8G may have it beat. The hockey shots I did with the 180/2,8. If you can nail focus, fantastic. Bokeh is excellent. Hazing wonderful into the sun.

I won't buy a G lens unless I get back into full-time mountain bike racing photography. Apart from that, Ai/S lenses and zooms are the only way I'll do it. They are built better, lighter, have much better sun stars, more fun flare, are easy to focus, and can be hand-maintained when necessary. Forget G lenses unless you want heavy, electronics, blazing AF, and the possibility of the lens not working in 10 years. Oh, and generally shoddy or jumpy manual focus.

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