Dust on entry level bodies?

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Re: Dust on entry level bodies?

Bing Chow wrote:

Are entry level bodies more prior to dust on the sensor? I have a D40 at work with a 105mm micro attached to it 100% of the time. I change lenses maybe 2 a year. It sits it a cupboard for occasional dental use. I can't understand why dust and other non-removal specks (oil?) accumulates on the sensor. I don't have such a problem with my D700 and I take that one with me outside. Does dust entry the body even if the lens is attached.

Can owners of low/mid level bodies comment on their experience with dust. I want to replace the D40 with D3100/3200 but will spend more for better sealing.

I have the dust & non-removal specks on the Nikon D7000 body, although I used a D90 still clean that I had bought a year earlier and change lenses many time much more than my D7000. Using the sensor shaking of the Nikon cleaning process on body but in vain.

Here is my story:


Hope that helps!

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