Different focus settings on the D600

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Re: Different focus settings on the D600

samjstern wrote:

So far up to now I have always used single point auto focus AF-s on all my Nikon DSLR's

I always have great success with focus at events.

I have tried using the method of using the AE/AF button to focus, but really

never got used to it or had success.

I find that focus with a half press and recompose always works for me, and I am fast at it.


Recently I met with several other D600 event shooters at a local meeting and

we are trying something slightly different. We all still use half press and recompose.

(The page numbers below apply to the D600 user's manual)

1. we are setting the autofocus mode to AF-a instead of AF-s. (Page 97)

2. setting a1 and a2 set to focus. (Page 221) We want focus to be locked before picture is taken.

3. setting a3 we set to off. (Page 222)

So , just curious what you guys think and if you have tried these settings for events.

They seem to be working just fine, but I always value your opinions.

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