Any chance to see a "G2 X" soon?

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Re: Any chance to see a "G2 X" soon?

I guess that Marco's earlier post about the G1X being a design exercise is spot on ; he makes some good points.

Reviewers just didn't know how to classify the G1X ; it took me a while to realise just what I had in my hands.

Look beyond the Body,Menu and operating speeds and you have a Leica X1 beater..I know I have one too!

My advice to Canon is to re-release the lens/sensor in a limited edition retro premium body styled on the Canon Canonet ( with EVF of course ) and raise the price to over $1200 adding a close up lens in the kit. There's a rich emerging market out there that would buy it.

If G1X production ceases I'd expect resale prices to hold. Buy now while you's a secret gem.

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