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Re: Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

And of course (though I admit it only occured to me belatedly) its is easy to see that the scans I have managed to achieve are definately with the film "upside down" because the scanned images are the reverse of the correpsonding original prints that I have with the negatives.  As I mentioned in my last post, a few more hours using different batches of negatives demonstrates that quite a lot are rejected altogether however i insert them, so it isn't the case ( as I originally thought) that the film is always accepted the wrong way up - sometimes it isn't accepted at all.  Sure, I have yet to manage to get any film accepted the right way up, but this could just be red herring since as everyone says, it doesn't really make sense. Mind you, that said, I have found that when a strip is accepted it will usually be consistantly accepted the same way if a try it several times - suggesting the error might not be entirely random but something systematic. To me, the more I try it the more I must conclude the SA-21 feeder (at least) is malfunctioning in some way.  The scanner body may well be absolutely fine.  A quick eBay search shows two of the feeders for sale, one £80 and one about £170, but both are inevitably used and in the US (I'm in the UK) will add to the cost, so I'm not inclined to give them a go.

All in all I might have to reluctantly give up on the Coolscan and buy an Epson V750 maybe - or anything else anyone might recommend.

Another option is  throwing the towel in altogether, in which case can anyone in the UK recommend a good place I could outsource the scanning (to TIFF - so that I could adjust in Photoshop later)?  I have found a few on line, several very professional seeming and prohibitively expensive for this type of digital archiving (seem aimed at single high quality scans/prints), and some more reasonable at around 50p a photo but with little way to distinguish one from the other (except by trying them out).  At least some of these seem to be using Nikon Coolscan scanners (5000ED and 8000) which aren't muct different to my own - except of course theirs presumably work!

I really should just of got and started the scanning back when I bought the scanner, instead of putting it off and off.   Definitely a lesson in there somewhere.


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