Loving the DP1m - Some pictures from this weekend.

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Re: Loving the DP1m - Some pictures from this weekend.

Frankly, I don’t know why Fluorescent works. I arrived at it purely by empirical observation.  I discovered it first by photographing an original painting in daylight and looking for the most color accurate reproducibility. I tried Sunlight, Shade, Overcast, etc and was pulling my hair out – yellow-oranges were too yellow – not saturated enough, until I discovered the Fluorescent setting.  With Fluorescent, all the painting colors reproduced extraordinarily well on my calibrated monitor.

I found another issue I have no answer to at this time as well.  I couldn’t get Custom White Balance to work at all with the DP2M and SPP v5.4.1. I have tried my CBL, Colorright, and Zerocs as instructed, and my WhiBal gray card placed in the painting scene as well. None could get the yellow-orange color right either. But with my Bayer camera (an M9 and my wife’s X1) these devices all work nicely as claimed. – no issue. What gives?

I applied the Fluorescent setting to my older Foveon images in the manner described in my last post.  Despite the varying light sources, most images looked far more realistic to me, without the need for further heavy post processing in other programs.

This may be a peculiarity to my eyes and my system, but it is easy enough to check for yourself and make up your own mind.

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