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Re: Siiiiimon,...

René Schuster wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

time to update your Copyright notice!

dpr 2013-01-10


Guten Morgen! Aufwachen! (Good morning! Wake up!)

Three days now, nothing happened.

Or is it o.k. now -as nothing here on dpr enjoys any Copyright-protection at the moment- that I just start downloading all these beautiful pictures from the members galleries, make nice big prints and start selling them?? Or start selling all your camera-/lens-/software- reviews as if they were mine? I can't imagine Amazon or good old Phil would be "very amused"!

A silly tiny mistake that should be corrected as soon as possible, as it could have far-reaching consequences! It would not make me feel very good if I had uploaded any big size or even original files into a dpr gallery and then find out the site doesn't really care about the copyright protection of my work !


I don't see the connection with members galleries. Copyright of those images doesn't belong to Dpreview.

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