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Thanks again for the input, ANAYV.

Yes, agreed, all FZ cameras smear detail above ISO 400. However, for the benefit of those forum users who remain unfamiliar with/have no hands-on experience of the FZ150, I should reiterate that images taken with this particular model tend to suffer less from the smearing effects associated with previous models by Panasonic that carry comparable sized sensors. In my experience, the 150’s seriously outstanding in this regard.

Quite simply, from ISO 200 right up to 1600 and occasionally beyond, the model excels like no other FZ and especially in respect of OOC Jpegs. Thankfully I’m not the only one to have recognised the virtues of such a splendid machine either. Reviewers and many users alike have witnessed and written about them too. The FZ150 truly is one exceptional camera indeed. Arguably it’s fitted with the most ideal combination of sensor and Venus processor seen to date, and that’s why I’ll continue to use it at least until the company releases another FZ that produces comparable image quality above ISO 200. Maybe, just maybe, this year’s FZ250 will be the one for me. If not, I can hang on quite patiently until 2014 for the 300.

As for adding extra glass to the superb lens already on the camera, I’ve no experience of the Telecon you mention. Despite the fact I’ve read good reports of the Nikon 1.7X, I cannot knock my Raynox 2025 Pro – except to say that perhaps its 2.2X magnification may be a tad too much for a 600mm equivalent lens. That said, when all things associated with extended shooting are accounted for in at least reasonable light, the FZ150/Raynox 2.2X combo can produce quite astonishing results. From a quality glass perspective, I seriously doubt that the Nikon would be any better than my Raynox, but the slightly reduced magnification of the Nikon may be more suited to the camera’s native 600mm reach.

In essence, you’re quite right to assume that I’m prepared to accept the slight reduction in image quality brought about by a TC, which is largely testament to the generally superb photos I often get with nothing at all added to the FZ150 glass. In truth, the 150 Jpeg engine’s simply so good initially that the slight softening of results brought about by the two further elements of my TC is of no major concern to me. Besides, in many cases, results attainable with FZ150/Raynox 2.2x combo still match and in some cases better those attainable with my previous FZ cameras such as the 28 and 38 with no extra glass added to the oldies at the time. Hence, on the rare occasions I employ the extension to the FZ150, I’m confident of getting at least two other three shots with which I’ll be more than pleased, such as the ISO 500, 5mp crop displayed in the opening post. In respect of the relatively high ISO alone, I still believe that the example shows what is attainable with the FZ150. When viewers also account for the fact that it was shot from almost 30ft away at 1320mm equivalent, some may even be surprised by the level of plumage detail retained by a small sensor photo that’s been cropped by more than 50% of its original size. And that, my friend, is why I love the FZ150 that I own.

Ultimately, if my results encourage other FZ150 users to try shooting above base ISO (because unlike previous FZs, it is in no way a base ISO machine), then they’ll be well worth my time posting. Beyond that, I can’t think of anything else to add here except to say thanks again for your input and compliments re my efforts.

Cheers and bye for now…

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