Does anybody else think B&W photography is overused these days?

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Re: Does anybody else think B&W photography is overused these days?

micksh6 wrote:

I look at what people post and I see series of black and white photos too often. I understand cases when colors may distract from shape, or light conditions were dull/dark, or when author wanted to make image more dramatic. But, IMO, such cases when conversion to B&W is required are rare and most of B&W photos are unnecessary converted.

I am talking about cases when authors deliberately disregard colors and convert everything to B&W. Street photography is probably a bad example as it may be a tradition which I don't understand, but even there statistically more than 50% of it is always in B&W regardless of the subject.

I don't want to point to specific sets of photos in order not to upset authors but here are few example photo series that I recently saw so you could see what I'm talking about:

  • Hawaii ocean fun, beaches, surfers, bright sunny pictures - B&W.
  • Cuba travel pics (I've been there, very colorful country), pictures aren't meant to show dark mood, but everything is in B&W.

That was not annoying to me, annoying was another thread trying to equat that mount to Leica.

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