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Re: So you're saying if he had had a D300 it wouldn't have happened?

Alan Brown wrote:

David Lal wrote:

TAM63 wrote:

At present, I am beyond frustrated with the whole thing honestly.

I'm sorry this has turned out this way for you - but I can't say I'm surprised. A very frustrating and maybe expensive experience for you.

Do yourself a favour and buy a (secondhand) D300 or D300s instead. Autofocus is superb on all my lenses, long, short and zoom without having to mess about with fine tune (even though the body does support it). Actually, I never have any problems with my old D70 either.

We are all aware of your zeal for your D300 David.

However, all my lenses needed AF fine tuning on my D300 and D700. buying either would not mean he could ignore the possibility of having exactly the same situation!

AF was very good on both of those cams but only after testing and doing the necessary adjustments.

The D7000 is no different

I too feel sorry for the OP... This forum seems to be polarized between

the D7000's AF is useless out of the box


nothing is wrong at all and the D7000 also make your coffee!

Neither is correct. I do believe that there are many pilot errors and the camera seems to 'fail' less with more experienced users because they will look for solutions. Steve Bingham, Mako, nfpotter, Ray Soares to name a few.

I really don't think the D7000 is a beginners DSLr and belongs in the D300 forum purely for the type of potential user.. I don't mean that all D300 user are high frame rate gunners.. just their experience.

my 2 cents


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There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness.' :'!':

Crabby though I am at the moment, I don't think the D7000 is a bad camera.  I love mine.  Yep, there's a learning curve.  It could be quite frustrating for a beginner. I didn't mind, but I did spend a lot of time reading and experimenting.  I think my problem is probably more of a bad lens than a bad camera, even though a bit of fine tuning may be required.

btw - I am a she, although no way you could have known that of course

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