Any recommendations for 20mm or 21mm manual prime?

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Re: Any recommendations for 20mm or 21mm manual prime?

Hi Den Sh,

Obviously you're only looking at FF lenses if you want to use a shift adapter.  (I'd comment here that the tilt adapters are very good, because you can achieve a lot with very little tilt.  OTOH, the shift adapters don't give you a lot of shift (about 4mm up) before you run a normal FF lens out of its intended coverage, so they're less effective ie they don't give as strong an effect as a real TS or shift-only lens.)

I owned the OM 21mm many, many years ago and it was very good on film.  I later switched to Nikon and owned the 20/2.8.  It was again fine on film, but I've heard mixed reports about it on digital.  I don't know the availability or price of either now.  Peter's Zeiss 21mm/2.8 is probably the best 21mm lens there is, but it's very expensive and quite a large and heavy lens.  Two other well reputed lenses are the Pentax FA series full frame 20mm AF lens and the earlier Pentax A-series and M series 20mm manual focus full frame lenses.  I haven't owned either, but these days I use an APSC K5.  Pentax's current 21mm is good stopped own, but it's only APSC. The posters who use their FF 20mm lenses speak well of them.

Suggest you read Photozone tests across a few brands (on full format) to get a gauge of which lenses might suit - you'd be looking for excellent corner performance on FF and low rectilinear distortion if you're thinking of shift usage.

Cheers,  Rod

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