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Definitely not because I wouldn't but those great big heavy cameras.

For me, a more interesting question would be would I buy my favourite cameras again if fitted with the current sensor (say a K5 Merrill).

It's interesting because as a stroke it casts aside any issues of being stuck with the usual awful Sigma bodies and turns the question to the very simple one of which sensor do you like the best.

I think I'd still struggle to find the Foveon case convincing. With the print sizes I typically use there is zero advantage in terms of acutance/detail to the Foveon.  So it comes down to the other characteristics:  noise, dynamic range, colour palette, the robustness of the file to large processing moves etc.

Looking back over my archive (which is the older sensors not the Merrill) i have to honestly say that mostly I prefer the colour from Bayer. However, some people seem to make Foveon sing so it's probably my methods.  I do have a lot more experience with Bayer file processing.

Overall, Foveon seems to gradually improve and come to look more and more like Bayer colour with each generation but Bayer still looks more "relaxed" and "natural" to me, Foveon too punchy.This is a taste thing as well.

The current Sony sensors still win hands down for low shadow noise and robustness to hauling curves all over the place in post.

If I were forced to choose one only, I'd stick with what I have and wait for more Foveon improvements.  In reality, it's likely I'd weaken and buy one out of curiosity.

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