FZ200 in dim light.

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Re: FZ200 in dim light.

Erik Ohlson wrote:

What I AM wondering about are the strange "ISO 160" & "ISO 125" which I'll bet were chosen by the camera - what's up with this? I am finding the same thing on my ZS19 and at first I thought it had to do with +/- EV settings, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

For FZ200 that is possible with setting "ISO Increments" in the Rec menu to 1/3 EV. It will then choose from [100]/[125]/[160]/[200]/[250]/[320]/[400]/[500]/[640]/[800]/[1000]/[1250]/[1600]/
[2000]/[2500]/[3200]/[H4000]/[H5000]/[H6400]. And also you can then manually choose from these options when setting ISO manually by the "up arrow" button.

I think default setting was 1 EV, which brings only [100]/[200]/[400]/[800]/[1600]/[3200]/[H6400].

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