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Absolutely not. Both Canon and Nikon ergonomics are just plain wrong IMO. Their respective menu systems are overly complex. Nikon bodies have way too many buttons, dials and switches and an uncomfortable ridge on the right-hand side of the rear of the body which makes them painful to hold for long periods - they give me cramps. I can't imagine why both Canon and Nikon decided to put their lens release button on the wrong side of the lens mount.

I can easily hold my SD15 all day long (with the power grip)... and I'm told the SD1M is even more comfy.

What I really liked was the old Olympus OM 1 - 4 bodies. All the important controls - shutter speed and aperture - were on the lens and lens mount. This meant you could operate them both with your left hand. Easy.

I really appreciate Sigma's minimalism. The QS button is pure genius. And I love the Custom Settings in the DPM and SD1 series.

If Canon or Nikon were to make a Foveon camera I cannot imagine them implementing it any better than Sigma. It would be over-the-top - with hundreds of hard-to-find menu options - half of them utterly useless rarely used. I don't need a candlelight or a fireworks or a face or pet recognition mode.

I am seriously considering purchasing an SD1M very soon... my only concerns are the lower res screen (compared to my DP2M) the lack of live view - but not the body's ergonomics.

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