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I did write some on the differences in the following post: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50430514

Fayard wrote:

You can also check for yourself. DPreview has made available 2 shots of the same landscape with a D800 and a D800E with a 50mm at f5.6. The NEF can be diwnloaded here: NEF.

I did the same, and came to different conclusions and settings. When really stressing, the D800E can be a notch better than the D800, but the difference are smaller than most tests let you believe.

The out-of-the-camera differences (read, the default processing associated with these cameras, because the cameras create a Bayer pattern, not a picture!!!!!) look as follows, with sharper result for the D800E:

D800 versus D800E, with default settings

When you apply a software High Pass filter, with a setting at 0.5px to the D800 (based on the analysis of Falk Lumo - D800A AA filter, but using HP instead of USM):

  1. Create a new duplicate layer
  2. Filter->Other->High Pass with 0.5px
  3. In the layers info window, select "Hard Light"

Hence, only when you perform very specific photography the D800E will have a competitive edge. I think for the majority of people the D800 is a better fit, it is cheaper and less vulnerable to Moire.

Moire on fence more obvious on D800E (zoom to see)

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